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Adelaide Gyms. Northern burbs. Lock Rss

Anyone have experience with any? Looking for one with a creche, staff that DDs will love and that I can trust.

I was honestly thinking about going Fernwood, having used to work in a gym over the west. I know the sales tactics and's a whole lot of BS. I don't want something that's busy, I want something that I can go in, do my workout & not have to wait for the testosterone filled know-it-all-typical-males who don't know how to use the equipment properly to get out of the way. You know the type that sit in front of the mirror? Anyway, I get a lot of them at the current gym.

Would love something with a pool.

So Adelaide ladies, what are your suggestions/experiences? Next Gen? Fernwood? Goodlife?

Hi not sure how far North you are looking but could strongly recommend both "The Lodge" Salisbury East as well as "Goodlife" at Modbury & Dernancourt they have fantastic staff that run creche and gym staff were really helpful and not the really manly ones that make any female feel out of place. If you want a gym that also has a pool Goodlife at Modbury & Payneham both have one.
Hope that helps smile

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