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I have a question Lock Rss

I have a 10 month old that keeps getting sick. But yet she doesn't go to day care. I don't really leave the house if I do I go see family but I make sure that they ain't sick. She has a step brother that comes every weekend and most of the time he is sick. Is it from him or just stupid and blaming like im apparently doing. What do I do or say to help my little from getting sick every second week.???
My friends baby (8 month old) is always getting sick, he has an older sister and a step brother as well they are both 5 & 6, and I think when u have young baby/s and older children together somehow they all get sick off each other and the cycle keeps going round. If it is not your child's stepbrother making baby sick, maybe look at your surroundings (as you said you don't go out much) make sure floors are regularly swept and mopped if your baby is crawling, do you have pets? Pets can make young babies sick also, like a dog or cat could of deficated and walked in it and then walking on your floors where bubs is crawling. There could many reasons why your bub is getting sick. Also young babies immune systems are not quite as developed as adults so its probly normal for them to get sick more often than us. Also if you've stopped sterilising bottles/dummies ect as I know some mums do stop before the recommended 12 months, perhaps make sure all equipment is sterilised properly. Glen 20 spray is great for spraying around the house and on surfaces to kill unwanted germs and safe for babies. Maybe try use some of that as well. And when the step brother comes next time just keep baby away from him n see if she gets sick. If she doesn't then you've found your answer. Good luck. Germs are hard thing to deal with young babies.

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