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Both of my boys have got birthday's next month and we are having a party for them. I have already been asked for suggestions for presents and I'm sure I'll get more, but I have no idea what to say. They both have so many toys that I'm really stuck for ideas. What things do other people suggest? I'm tempted to tell people not to worry about a present, but I really don't want either of them to miss out, particularly my soon to be 3 year old because he actually understands properly about presents now. I'd really appreciate any suggestions! >gasp)
for your 3 year old, a bubble blowing set. If he can blow bubbles, then he will have fun, your younger one may simply enjoy catching them!! I remember seeing in London (and also bought for my cousin's children) a bubble blowing set and the bubble solution was made of something which enabled you to catch them and stack them without them popping. Though I haven't seen this same product in Australia, a simply bubble blowing set may be good for you. Hope this helps.
For your 3 yo
Books are always good. If your soon to be 3 yo is like mine, you will get sick of reading the same book over and over again!

A friend had a great idea (I thought so anyway) for her daughter's recent bday and asked people to bring a contribution to a dress up box. She bought a hamper to put things in and now her daughter has a fab dress up box which she plays with lots. Things to go in the box can vary from expensiveish full outfits to a hat or bag or mask. And yes, little boys love to dress up just like little girls - try fireman's hats or they have great little animal sets at ELC.

My mum made a terrific box of craft things for my daughter when she turned 3: glue, stickers, glitter and cut up paper (just old paper like wrapping paper), and we have had hours of fun with it. It wasn't expensive.

I also ask family for clothes which we always need!

Michelle,SA,DD1 4 yo, DD2 9/8/05

my reply is kind of off the topic.... But the Best gift a friend gave my daughter (really for me!) for her 1st birthday - along with the gift of puzzles and books, was the "Adelaide for Kids" book.
It's fantastic!!!
It's full of places to visit in Adelaide and the hills. It has approx kms from city, entry prices, days it's open, some pages have a small map, ph no's,
In the index separates everything into playgrounds, parks, boats, trains, etc.
I think it's something I would buy from all my friends who have kids!
OR if your child's older and can read and select places from the book it might be a good gift idea for them!

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