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Hi mum's,

I am a first time mum (29)with a 7.5 month old daughter. Am heading back to Adelaide next week and would like to meet others for chat/coffee as we don't belong to a play group or mothers group. Would like to start a coffee group to get out of the house during winter and would also like for my little girl to start socialilsing with other children as she is geting to that stage where she likes seeing other people and scenery.

If interested, please e-mail me:

hope to chat soon,


hi sj, have added you to email list and have sent email, hope to hear from you soon


katie, SA, Emma 2yrs old

Hay South Aussie mum

Good to hear your return to the south land, i already go to a playgroup and have a coffee group as well, we get together and have someone talk about child development and other things at each coffee group on every 2nd thursday and and then every alternate Thursday we have play group there, their is no charge except the coffeee off course and it is great fun. I am in the Brahma Lodge area but this all takes place at para vista So it is not far from you. I am a mum for the first time as well i have a beautiful little boy 16 weeks old I am 31 years old and would love you to come along my email is

Drop me a line if you are interested

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