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can someone help me Lock Rss

i would like to know were i can find the kids indoor mazes like wiggle worms in south australia i have seen a list of them some were but i cant remember were so pleace help
you wanna know where thay are, or you want a list?
*juming beans- gdwd rd, cumberland park
*kids playhouse (or somthing like that)- across from castle plaza, Edwardstown
*Jack in the box-north east rd klemzig
*wiggley worms - only kno wthe one at glenelg

and sorry thats all i know- hope i have ben of some help:)

Mummy to William-5/04/05 and Harrison-9/02/07

Also Play 'n'Fun (I think) on Beach Road at christies beach and there is one at Mount Barker too, sorry can't remember the name.

Michelle,SA,DD1 4 yo, DD2 9/8/05

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