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hey yo Lock Rss

hey just bored, no interesting posts on here really at the moment:)
Just wondering who else is browsing the Huggies site right now??
hmmm so how is everyone going?, good i hope, i guess we can use this post to say hi to everyone, get some coversations started:)
I'm just making some home movies of little william, boy i have hours of footage, but can't get rid of a second of it, all too special!!
ok this post doesn't make much sense really, but i guess it just shows my boredom:)

Hope to get some replies:P

Mummy to William-5/04/05 and Harrison-9/02/07

Hey helz im bored too.......

not much interesting on here 2nite so thought id say hi to u.

DS 22 months DD 9 Oct 07

I think you just confirmed it Helz...lmao

I do the sme thing while waiting for you and Mini_me

I wanna see those movies of Willie...please

I need to get a VR so i can capture Haleys quirkyness...hehe and development of course..

See you soon


eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?

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