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A monthers group Rss

I was wondering if any one was from around semephore way.

I am thinking geting a group of people to meet up as a mothers group. I was thinking of maby going to a kids friendly place or something like that.

If any one would like to start a group with me then please leave a post and i will get back to you.

Thank you pamela

TTC a baby girl

I would love to be involved in a mothers group. But im on the other side of town to you. I live in the NE suburbs. Dont mind travelling a little way, maybe if something was worked out a little closer to the city then i could come.
Im 31 years old, a single mum with a 8 month old boy.

Cara, SA, 12mth baby boy

Hey Pamela,
Maybe its also worth posting this in one of the young mums msn groups? im at semaphore on sunday nights, and monday mornings...but i think that you already know this! LOL

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