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ballet in northern suburbs?? Lock Rss

I am looking for a ballet school suitable for my 5 yr old. We live at Modbury so around this area would be good.

queen to a 4 yr old princess

Mary Gillies School of Ballet
Golden Grove Recreation & Arts Centre
The Golden Way
Golden Grove 5125
Phone: 8289 2402

I went to this ballet school when I was a little girl. Mary is the most wonderful caring ballet teacher. She will not remember me as she has had so many children attend her school, but I remember her and I have grown up with her as a 'hero' to me.

Jo, SA, Dylan born Dec 05

Hi, my daughter goes to Susan's dance school, it's at Redwood Park Primary School. They have ballet, jazz and tap. My daughter has been going for 3yrs and enjoys it.Reasonable prices. hope it helps
bye Karen

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