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looking for other mums! Lock Rss

Hello to everyone out there! I am a 22 year old mother of 2 from Adelaide and would like to talk to any other mums, I have a 2 1/2 year old son and a 5 month old Daughter. Look forward to hearing from anyone who wants to chat.

Cristie, SA, boy 18/04/01, girl 22/05/03

Hi Cristie,

I am 27, and also a mother to two. Our children are exackly the same in age difference, 23months. My daughter is 2 and 3months and my son is 4months. How are you handling things? Everyone keeps telling me it gets easier, but all i need is a proper sleep!

Hope to hear from you soon!! smile

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Tepe,

They say it gets easier, It has to, It can't get much worse.. My 5 month old Daughter is feeding 3 hourly, and my son is waking overnight again! Mainly due to the fact that he is sleeping in a single bed and can get himself up. Hope that you get some sleep soon.

Cristie, SA, boy 18/04/01, girl 22/05/03

Hi Cristie,

Yes, my son is still feeding 2.5hrly during the day usually. Nights its usually 4hrly, if he doesn't have wind probs!

Fortunately my daughter sleeps like a legend! 12-13hrs at night, and 2-3hrs during the day! It took 18months to achieve this though!! Its my payback i believe. wink We had to put her in a bed due to our bassinette having to be returned to its owner! It took a while but now we're back to normal!

How does your daughter sleep at night?

Tepe smile

DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Tepe,
My son is still having his 2 hour sleep during the day so I shouldn't really complain. My daughter is feeding 3 hourly over night as well! She was sleeping through but hasn't done it for about 4 weeks now. I was lucky with my son as he started sleeping from 9-7 overnight when he was 6 weeks old. My son is in a single bed now and gets up whenever he feels like it which is annoying but he just refuses to sleep in the cot! My daughter will need the cot soon as she will be too big for the bassinette in the next couple of months. So it is a good thing in a way.

My son was in our bed for ages, I was more comfortable having him close as he gets asthma and croup regularly. But we finally got him in the cot when he was 12 months old, and into the bed 1 week ago. Hope that your children are well and I will talk again soon. My msn messenger address is [email protected] if you would like to chat. hope to hear from you soon.

Cristie, SA, boy 18/04/01, girl 22/05/03

love to talk to you any time my email is [email protected] or i am on sms messenger all the time

[email protected] plainland qld

Hi Johanne,
Feel free to contact me through msn. The address is on one of the posts above. Talk to you soon.

Cristie, SA, boy 18/04/01, girl 22/05/03

hi cristie,

im cheryl and 20 yrsold. my daughter is 5 months and shes very kind to us...shes no probs at all. would love to hear from you as i too dont have many friends as i moved here from vic. my email is: [email protected]

ta ta

Cheryl,SA,Danika born 24.10.03 Matthew born 5.3.05


i'm shana 28yrs old, my daughter brooke is 12 weeks old & is a bundle of joy. just looking to meet other mum's to share stories with, have an adult conversion with & maybe even get together every so often for a coffee.


Shana, SA

Hi Cristy,

I just realised this post, and am very sorry i hadn't seen it earlier, i wasn't ignoring you!

I hope things are still going well for you!

My son is now nearly 9 months, and actually slept thru last night, lets hope it lasts.

My daughter is 2 and 8 months and is now dry by day, which i am also very pleased about,

I hope to hear from you again, and sorry i was so rude,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hello tepe,
things are still strained here, we are going to see someone tommorrow about sleep problems. My son nearly 3 hates his bed and my 10 month old daughter is worse than her brother ever was, hope we will get some ideas on what to do soon. It is a struggle when She screams all night.

Cristie, SA, boy 18/04/01, girl 22/05/03

Hello Cheryl, Shana and Tepe,

I am on msn if anyone would like to chat I can be reached at [email protected] Hope to chat soon.

Cristie, SA, boy 18/04/01, girl 22/05/03

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