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ABC learning centres vs normal local child care centres Lock Rss

im hoping to send aiden to child care soon so i can study but im caght up between sending him to a normal child care centre just up the road from me (snow white) or an ABC learning centre. i went to the open day of the ABC in old reynella and the only difference i saw was they were very structured but thats it. so wat do i pick girls what is going to be a better environmen for aiden and what is going to b better for me?????????? please if u could post back im sure some of you have older babies in child care i would like some recccomendation thanx xxxx lois [email protected]

S2-Lois -Adel-DS - 01/03/06-S2

Hi im lucky enough to have already sent scarlett to 2 different childcare centres. Scarletts currently going to ABC munno. Plus shes also been to a lesser known one. I think it would be good idea if you went to both again to refresh your mind on what they do ... plus most let you stay a few hours to get a feel for the environment.

You should ask yourself what are you really looking for in childcare centre for your little boy. How would you like the childcare workers to be. Maybe you could ask the childcare centres for phone number to couple of parents are references/commendations.

I know a lot of ABC centres are really great but some have hired wrong type of staff and probably dont run their centres as good as they should. But ABC @ Munno (which is know is too far away from you) is great for my & Scarletts needs. They have a plan suited to scarletts eating drinking sleeping needs. They are much better than the first c/c centre .... who couldnt get her to sleep! They even let her paint & draw. Plus the babies are often visited by the older children. We also got Scarletts class photo which is another personal touch. Now Scarletts in bigger babies group and loves it

Hope this gives you some ideas, childcare is a major decision to make ... but you can aways change at anytime

Scarlett 4 - Hazellyn 1 - Blake born 29.07.09

my little man goes to old reynella abc and i couldnt be happier. The staff are terrific, hayden loves the girls in the nursery and they are just awesome with him. I can concentrate on work knowing he is happy and well looked after. The Director is great too. Yes it's costly, but what price do you put on your childs safety and the knowledge that he is being well looked after.

Kathy, DS 23/11/05, DS 17/04/07, DD12/06/09

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