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hi all
i would love to know if there are any fitness classes for mums and babies. i would love to start getting fit but need to have bub there with me as she is only 2 months old and i dont want to get a sitter. can anyone help????

louise & baby Isabell

Not too sure if this counts but when your baby is old enough to hit the pool for swimmning classes where the parent goes in with them that is a great work out as there is alot of pushing and holding, lifting and walking/wading in the water during the class. It's amazing how tired you do get in 30m mins.

There was a gym here in Adelaide that did a class called "babylates" which was pilates where you brought your baby along and used them for the weight.

Hope that this helps,

Hi there,

I knwo of a class at Life Force at Golden Grove, just across from the Village Shopping Centre, they do a fitness class there where your baby is used as resistence. Meant to be good although I havent gone to a class there.

Might be worth looking into. Hope that helps

Dee and Deccy xxx

Mummy to one big little man!!

i have joined the body workshop a while ago they have a crech and look after babies 6 weeks - 12 years they r really good there my son gets soo excited wen we take him

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