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wedding reception help Lock Rss

i need some help to find somewher to hold a wedding reception. i would like it as cheap as possible and it needs to be kid friendly. we are from the country so i am not totall sure what is available

ideeally i would love somewhere with a park at the site as we would like to hire a bouncy castle for the kids and decorate the place ourselves the day before. even a good hall would be fine

also northern suburbs would be best, If anyone has any ideas i would love to hear them
hey i am having the same troubles i think i have just found the right place tho i am getting married in november this year it is really hard try to loook for community centres because most of them will have an outside area there is one near my house (down south ) which sounds ideal to what you r looking for but a bit far it has a playground at the back anyways hope i have been any help lol good luck i know how hard it is lol smile

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hello we got married last year in november

we had the ceremony and reception at the
weintel resort at tanunda
they where great
it was kid friendly we had 10 kids all under 6

with the hall i was going to do this but it can work out to cost a lot more

my reception cost

57 adults $1,800 3 course meal

10 kids $130 nuggets chips ice cream plus $700 over bar

best of luck
dont know about northern suburbs, but we are also thinking of place's for our own wedding that is kid friendly (as we are renting) if it worked in our favour we would buy a house now and just get married in the back yard, then we know there would be plenty of kids able to come and have fun! but have you thought about or seen mitcham park reserve? it has alot of weddings, there is an undercover area with picnic tables, there are bbq's, there is a little creek with a bridge where we normally see bridal party having photos taken there are HUGE trees for shade, and the most beautiful sceenery. There is TONES of room and even a bit of play equipment for the kids.
xx -Kayden 31.1.05 & Tianah 25.8.06


You could try Sfera's on the Park (Modbury), it is near Tea Tree Plaza at Civic Park. Not too sure if you can get a bouncy castle inside the venue but the park that Sfera's joins onto may be ok for it.

Hope this helps,

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