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Darwin Army Parents???? Lock Rss

Hi just looking for some parents from darwin who are in the army...i am an army wife and we are being transferred to darwin soon and i was just looking to hopefully chat to some darwin parents about darwin and how the army life is there and to try meet some people.I have three children B4 G2 and B8mnths...hope to hear from you!!!

Jodster,NT,5yr old Boy,3yr old Girl,1yr old Boy


We're not in the Army, we're in the Air force but was posted in Darwin a little while ago. We have kids of a similar age too!


*expecting no.4 in November*

Hi! Yep I'm an Army spouse with kids.
Been in Darwin 3 years. This is my 4th.

Anything you want to ask just ask away.
Spouses in the other forces will all be able to help too. Up here we are all together. Army, RAAF and Navy.

Take care

Melbourne, 13 yr DD, 5.5 yr DS, 1.5 yr DS

We are army too, i've been living in Darwin for the past 20 years so i can also help with any questions you may have. I would recommend you look at Palmerston when buying a house, it is right next to Robertson Baracks and there are quite a few new estates going up there. I just think that real estate is getting far to expensive in Darwin and the northern suburbs. Palmerston is quite nice we are hoping to buy a place there soon.

Madison 18months and Kaylee 4months

Sorry i've just answered the wrong post haha, just getting a bit confused i think. Well i'm here anyways and look forward to meeting other parents here in Darwin.

Madison 18months and Kaylee 4months

i no longer live "in" darwin as i moved with my husband to a remote community for his work. He is with the NT police, and they haev a posting thing but on a smaller "within" the teritory sorta thing.

I will be back in darwin in 2 weeks to have my baby and staying for 5 weeks. I was born in darwin and so was my son and i was a navy brat growing up (yes i know dont say anything!)

anywas love to have a chat anytime
Hi there i live in darwin have been here since june last year but before that i was living in vic for about three months as my b/f was training but we were living in darwin before he had to go away for training so funny that we got transferred back here i have one son he is nearly 5 months old.
jackie and max
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