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this is a good idea lol

marital status: single with bubs
where do u live:willamstown
how many kids:1 tyler james 20 months old
occupation: just being a mum
hobbies: to many to type

p.s i really like dat idea

natasha, S.A, nearly 3 year old boy

hey there!!

Alice Springs NT
18wks preg #1
Dispabilyt services/ child carer
everything and anything!!!

hope eveyone is well
talk to u all soon

What a great idea.

Engaged (getting married March 06)
Craigmore, SA
1 son Ty 9 weeks & stepdaughter Kerry 4
Senior Service Officer - Insurance (on maternity leave)
socialising, walking, swimming and especially now spending time with my baby boy.

e-mail -

Hope to hear from people soon.

mum to Ty and Georgia

HI. Yeah tis a grand idea.

Engaged (but not gettting married for many years to come)
Burton, S.A
Mum to be 1st time due 25th Feb...its a boy
Im a chefs hand on maternity till Easter hopefully
being social, horseriding, surfing, getting walking, swimming, spending time with my DH and my dogs.
Now I have to spend time with a "
mini" DH too ohh golly...
E-mail...msn is "

mum to bayden 25/02/05

Hope I'm not too late !

name: Josie
age: 34 yrs
stats: partner 9 yrs
live: Flinders Park
kiddies: 6yr boy 4yr boy and girl is 11months
occupation: sahm
hobbies: crosswords, shopping

msn -


Adelaide, sahm, 2 boys 1 girl

name: charlene
age: nearly 33 (sad i know)
marital status: married 2.5 years
where do you live: craigmore
how many kids: 1 daughter shania aged 2. trying for no 2 at the moment
ocupation: mum and casual veterinary nurse 1.5 days per week
hobbies:walking,scrapbooking,meeting new people,spending time with my family

hi all,

defacto...4 years
para hills west
9month old girl, mahli paige
hairdresser (not at moment)
reading, playing with mahli
Hi everyone

I am new

Adelaide (Salisbury)
1 sweetheart Daughter Haley 15 months
Reading, Walking, Music, Shopping,Talking, Relaxing (never happens tho)

Hope everyone is well
Feel free to email me anytime for a chat

Hope to hear from some one soon


eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?

Hi Chookie1977

This is Haley's_Mum

Do you have Email or an MSN we could have a chat on?

Mine is
MSN and Email

Hope to hear from you

eìí? DD Haley 2 yrs old eìí?

seka , 21, married, 2 kids , love old movies like Burt lancaster , clark gable and many others.
seka, 21, married, 2 kids. love old movies like burt lancaster, clark gable and many more .
Defacto 8 years
Port Lincoln
1 (12 1/2month old) son Ashley
(Hairdresser b4 baby)SAHM
Fishing(a must if u live in lincoln)
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