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Hi Everyone!

name: Ruby
age: 25 today (yay)
marital status: Defacto for 7 years
where do you live? Andrews Farm (nth suburbs)
how many kids? 2, Jordan Rose is 9 and Jacob is 5
occupation? Childrens Residential Carer (full time)
hobbies? Netball, Soccer, Internet, just hanging out with friends, making new friends

My msn is ...feel free to add me!

Mummy to 3 little goblins

Hi, Happy bday. used to live in gawler, 3 yrs ago and worked at montague farm shopping centre as a hairdresser. did u ever go there?

name: Ellie
age: 19yrs
marital status: Defacto
where do you live? near Marion, SA
how many kids? Phoebe 10mths, Nikita(step daughter 7) and preg with #2
occupation? mum
hobbies? want to get into scrapbooking and crafts but never find the time, shopping, spending time with friends

Hey never went there...montague farm is still a half an hour drive from where I am and I never go to Gawler lol!

Mummy to 3 little goblins

ruby, sorry, u just reminded me of a client that i had when i was working there. her name was ruby and had a daughter named jordan. lol.
name: B
age: 25
marital status: Engaged together 8 years
where do you live? Port Augusta (originally from craigmore, family is from there and gawler
how many kids? 2, Moo 4 and bubbles 7 months
occupation? Nurse (back at work already)
hobbies? I play netball, scrapbooking, swimming
Name: Alarna
Age: 24
Martial Stat: Married
Live: Salisbury way
Kids: bayden 2 yrs, emilie 31 weeks gest.
Occ: cleaner, cook, sex slave, child care worker, personal shopper,
Hobbies: Bush walking, Horseriding, fishing, reading, walking my dogs, swimming and surfing

msn me

married mum of 2

name: Bron
age: 33
marital status: Defacto
where do you live? Near Craigmore
how many kids? 4
occupation? SAHM at the moment
hobbies? Movies, Scrapbooking, Travel, Dining Out, Music, Socialising

MSN is

Age 30
Marital status:Defacto
Where do you live:Darwin nt
How many kids? 1(5 month old)
Occupation? SAHM
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