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Anyone had bubs at lyell?? Lock Rss

Hey I am wondering what lyell is like as a hospital for during the birth and after?? Are you roomed by yourself, are tehre birthing centres (how many??) etc. Thanks heaps guys...

i personally chose to have my daughter at the gawler health service my cousins and friend had there children at the lyell mac and had good and bad experiences, i personally would not go there but as i said that is my personal opinion and i also could not fault gawler and would recommend to anyone i am not sure we you are currently living and what is your closet option. all i can suggest is maybe asking for a tour of the lyell mac and making your decision after that


i had my secoond daughter at the lyell mac. i was in the labour ward as i was induced. they were excellent. i went in as a private patient as centrals doesn't have a maternity dept anymore and people said "why do you want to got there, why don't you go to north eastern". but as i live in craigmore it was closer and the staff were excellent. i would recommend them to everyone. and they have an at home midwife that comes out and visits you for 5 days after the birth which is excellent and on top of the child and youth health nurse who will also come out later.

Hello hope all is well. Not long to go now for you.
I had my little girl at Lyell Hosp. on 25/1/2007. I was supposed to be in the birthing centre rooms after having her, but because i had to have a c-section, after 20 hours of labour, i went straight to one of the other rooms which are not as big, but big enough. I was in my own room and my experience there was great.
I found all the midwifes very nice and helpful. I was very nervous to begin with, but they really made the experience great. Without them there for those first few days would have been hard. They are all very helpful and had no problems answering any questions.
The midwifes i had whilst in labor were fantastic. I found them to really help me through it. The first midwife i had came and visited us afterwards to say hello and see how we were going. Her name was Linda. She was great.
Overall i could not have been happier with my experience there. People have there opinions on the hospital, but i loved it there and would recommend it to anyone.
Sorry to go on and on, but wanted to reassure you that you will have no problems there and you will have all the help and advice you need.
Hope this has helped you. If you have any other questions id be happy to help you if i can.
Goodluck on the birth of bubs and enjoy whats to come. It all goes by so quickly.

From Kate
(I Live In Elizabeth)

Kate & Mia (25/1/07) Adel.

Hi there.
I had both my children at the Lyell Mac...and they just keep getting better and better.
My youngest is 5 now and the facilities they have there now are just outstanding, compared to when I had my son.
A friend of mine is under special care there and they do an amazing job with the care before during and after your pregnancy!

So to anyone else out there who is considering the Lyell Mac...Go and check them out...they really do have an excellent pregnancy and labour ward there.

Mummy to 3 little goblins

i just had my baby girl at lyell mc 6 weeks ago. it was excellent i was in a birthing suite to start with as i was induced the midwifes were great then after 22 hrs labour i had a c section the mid wives came with me and everyone was great. had 5 days in with her and was in my own room with bathroom. on the first nite hey take the baby to the nursery so that u can sleep and bring them back for feeds. i found everyone really supportive and i will be having my next baby there


aurora evelyn joy 1/3/07

LMHS is great i had my last bubs there by emergency c-section a year ago. they have the best people in the special care nursery as well we spent several weeks there cause my bub was prem. it is much more parent friendly than the womens and childrens your not just a number.I would deffinately recomend it!

mum of three girls (99,02,06)

I also had my son at Lyell McEwin, and highly recommend them!!!

I had an obstetric emergency, and they were absolutely amazing, and in that they saved my life. The midwives were brilliant, and I even now keep in touch with a couple of them smile

hi amber, i had emma at the lyell, it was fantastic. i was booked in to be induced in the low care ward. yes you are roomed by yourself. they have 8 rooms (for memory) on the low care side. same for the high care side i assume. the room in the low care side where i started was fantastic. double bed, bathroom to yourself, even had a little patio area. unfortunately because ems heart beat was dropping dramatically after being induced i needed emergency c-section. the staff were great, it was stressful enough needing the op, they just got on and did what they needed to as quickly as possible so as to not stress me out further. after the surgery they took me to the womens health ward where you still have room to yourself but you share the bathroom with next door. single bed tho and partner cant stay over night, they can in the birthing unit.

cant fault the staff, they were absolutley fantastic. in fact one of the nurses who had been caring for me in the b/u came up to the health ward the day after i had emmy to see how we had gone and to meet em, which i thought was lovely.

anyway good luck and keep us posted

katie, SA, Emma 2yrs old

I was in Womens Health for a month, and obviously quite sick.. so it may have been different for us, but the let my DP stay overnight with me.... He usually stayed every 3rd night.

It's worth asking about, they can only say no.

I had my daughter at the Lyell. They were fantastic. I ended up with a c/section, so had a room by myself and my own bathroom.

The only thing was my daughter was pretty much kept in my room all the time, which was especially hard when I was confined to bed the first night, but the midwives were fantastic, and helped me a lot.

I can highly recommend them, and I'll definitely go back if we have number 2!

Mama to Poppy since 15/12/06

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