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Mums groups in the Marion area! Lock Rss

Hello, Im Tash and i would like to get to know mums in my area for mums groups, playgroups and meetups. Most of the girls seem to be from the northen suburbs wich is too far out for me. So all mums from Marion and all surrounding suburbs get back to me and let me know what you think about getin a group together. Tash smile
Hey Tash,
Fancy bumping into you on
Well I'm really intrested aswell and I'm only a few min from Marion and it sounds like a fantastic idea. Cant wait. Would love to meet newbies and see old faces smile
hi there!
I am in aberfoyle Park which might be too far for you - but i go to a playgroup in happy valley which is really good. Our particular group doesn't have many as a few have gone back to work and we could always use some new faces! The babies are all about 1yr now - so sing out if u want more details about it!
happy valley is near me is that the old cottage i know someone who goes there on thursday arvos im gonn be going there after prac next term is over for uni. as i said in another post my msn group is looking for members especially southern mums and we are hoping for regular meets to be organised everyone is very welcome to join. hey ellie! hows bump? if it is the old cottage there is a bus that goes from marion right out the front if you are interested in that play group!

Hi my name is Amy I live near marion and have little guy who is almost 3 weeks and would be keen in joining a mothers group as well smile
Hey I'm 24 with a 17month old lil girl im from southern side of Adelaide n I'm looking to make new friends and to catch up as a don't no anyone who has kids so be nice to make new friends for my self n lil girl
Hi all smile I'm 10mins away from Marion and have a 3 month old baby boy!!! Keen to meet other mums for catch ups smile
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