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anyone from NT or live in a remote area Lock Rss

Hi Jodi!!! Nice to meet someone else from Alice!! How long have you been here? My email is [email protected] if you would like to get in touch with me smile
Hi Cara,
It's our first build up to, but i think it is worth it for all the rain. Where in Darwin do you live, i'm in Woodleigh Gardens. Talk to you later
Hi Kris! Just got back from a holiday in Darwin. Stayed with my sister who is in Woodleigh Gardens as well!!! I couldn't handle the humidity while I was there, I think my sister was glad to see me go with all the complaining I did about it!!! lol
I just got back from SA. i must say the last few days humidity has been getting to me. Thank goodness for airconditioning!!!!!!! But you do get use to it, but there is no way i would live up here without aircon!
I definitely lived for the times in the airconditioning, hence why I kept convincing my sister that I had shopping to do!!! smile
I've just been visiting family in Perth, and the 15deg nights were freezing! Quite funny actually, due to a long plane delay Quantas put us up at the Holiday Inn for half a night (before flying to Perth at 2am) and my thoughts were "I know where to go if I need to remember what winter is like" thats how cold the air con was! But the humidity and heat hit me when we got back, just felt like shaving all my hair off! It's day two today and not as hot since it's raining so getting used to it again, - we don't have aircon downstairs & very old noisy ones in the bedrooms so we don't use them.

I lived in Alice for a short time a few years ago (in a caravan mind you) and although it's not humid it gets pretty hot down there! And pretty cold too. I like the constant temp of Darwin. There must be a place somewhere in Oz with perfect weather!

Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

Hello All!
Kris I live in Larrakeyah on the base. I love it here living on the base that is but I sure could pass up the humidity. We have our aircon on all the time and I sure couldn't live without it. I like Darwin and I'm glad we came here but I sure don't want to settle here permanently. Give me QLD anyday. I went back to Vic for hols and it was so cold there and I loved it. I had a ball being so cool but when I lived there for 19 years I wanted somewhere warmer but now after being away for 8yrs I think I could go back. We lived in Qld for 7 and that's where I'd love to go back to but you just make the most of where you are at the time.

Hey Kristina! I still dunno how you live without aircon. How's your little girl going? I bet everyone loved seeing her when you went on hols. Does James still think she's great?


Melbourne, 13 yr DD, 5.5 yr DS, 1.5 yr DS

Hi Cara,

How was your holiday? And camping? The Perth trip was pretty good and the grandparents were happy to see the kids. James and Matilda still seem to get on fine, but I think James just doesn't really worry about her too much, he will play with her occasionally but he likes sitting next to her if I sit her on the lounge. He probably wishes that she could play with him I guess - but I imagine when she starts to he will probably wish that she wouldn't he he - then they will most likely fight over the toys.

We are moving to a unit in Rapid Ck in Early April, which has air con, and I am soo looking forward to it. It doesn't bother me that much most of the time, but when it gets real humid it would be nice not to feel like shaving my hair off! (cos it's pretty thick).

Hows Callam doing?


Kristina, Mum of James 3yrs & Matilda 14 months

Hi Kristina,

Our hol was fantastic! Mum and Dad just got a new caravan so with SO many people at hubby's folks they took it across there for us before we came down so we stayed in it and it was like a flash 5* motel. It was brand new over 40grand so VERY flash. We then took that camping and also stayed in it at my folks as they also had so many people. I LOVED the cold weather down there and most days were sunny and warm but cool at nights. Wish Darwin was like that! LOL

It's great that the kids get on well at the moment and it's good that James doesn't really bother about Matilda too much so then there isn't the jealousy "yet"! LOL I hope that as she grows up James will be fine and I'm sure he will. He'll love it.

It's great that you'll be moving to somewhere with good aircon but by the time you do you won't need it much! LOL At least it'll be there when you do. How come you are moving? That's back closer to me. smile

Callam is great but having problems trying to get back into the routines and being very upset when we try to get him to bed. He'll get there but not without alot of stress my end. Oh the joys!

Better go.

Melbourne, 13 yr DD, 5.5 yr DS, 1.5 yr DS

My two are 14 months apart and they love each other to deaath, however i know there is going to be a time that Matt willl just want to play with his cars with out HER around.
Sound like everyone had a great holiday, but it's back to reality, oh well, just 11 na dhalf months till next christmas!!!
Hi Kris.
Great to hear your 2 get on so well. My friend had her 1st 2 14mnth apart and they always got on so well.
I can't believe Matt doesn't want to play alone now. I know Callam at 2 often tells his sister to go when she trys to play with him and she always tells him but then again she is 7yrs and 10mnths older! LOL

Yes as you say back to reality after the hols but man don't count down to next Xmas ARGH!!! haha

Melbourne, 13 yr DD, 5.5 yr DS, 1.5 yr DS

hey havba

ive been here for about a yr, my man got transfered here. how long u been here? we should meet up one day? do u work?
my email is [email protected]
talk to u soon
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