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All Welcome

If you have a child under 1 you are still more then welcome to come and join us for some adult company and coffee.

Next Meet details as follows:

Monday June 1
9:45am (just to help avoid traffic)
Monkey Mania - DFO/ Homemaker Hub Fyshwick

Under 1 Free
1-3 $9.50
3 and over $12.50
Adult $3.50 includes coffee

Hope to see everyone there.

If you do not drive and would like to organise a lift please let me know and I am sure we can arrange something.



currently being updated please check back later.

Sarah and I will be there.
bloody hell! is it really $9.50? WOW DH has taken ds there before but he never said how much it was.

All good though, i will put it in my phone reminders so hopefully I'll actually remember to get my fat arse out of my pj's this time!

Do they have restrictions on not bringing your own food? Or is there food reasonably priced? Mostly for drink purposes for DS. He drinks a lot and it can get expensive at these places. thanks and hope to finally meet you lovelies.

To be honest Taryn I have not been there before so unsure about the food and drink prices. I usually take a bottle of water with me for my kids and have never been told not too but it does depend on the staff on the day for any of these playgrounds really.

Hope to see you there. smile

currently being updated please check back later.

Ive been there loads of times its a great place and i really rate it for the kiddies.

To answer your question i have always taken my own drink and food and they have never said anything as their food i do find a bit much but you do get a free drink when you pay to get in.

Hope this helps :0)
thanks ladies. I'll bring some nibblies along anyway and if I get told off - whatever...

reminder is in my phone and NO appointments that day so as long as the boys are healthy, it's a goer!
looks like i'm going to miss this one again!

I've been waiting on a delivery of some recliners for Canberra Hospital NICU. They came yesterday when I was out and they can only deliver them on Monday morning. Otherwise I have to go pick them up, and I don't have a car big enough. So if they come early morning I will still be coming to Monkey Mania once they've gone. I might leave the form out for them to leave the goods out the back but it depends on the weather. I don't want them sitting about outside if the weather is bad.

SO, if I see you, lucky me, if not I'm sorry I'll try (again) to come to the next one.... *sigh*
Hi Girls,

Would love to come, but as it is EOFY I am really busy with work, so hopefully next time I will be able to come sad

Hi all,

I won't be able to make it this time - Les has a day off and we are going to spend the time together.


hope you have a nice time today. Looks like we won't make it. Was hoping the chairs would be delivered early. Apparently not.
Hey everyone

Just thought I would let you guys know that they must have a special on a monday morning for entry. I am not sure of the exact prices but they only charged me $5 for myself and the two boys, though it did not include a coffee. Michelle paid $8 for 2 adults and 1 child. Again I do not know the breakdown but hey I wasn't complaining smile

currently being updated please check back later.

i know there has been some vouchers in the chronicle or an ad or something saying monday to Friday entry is only $2.50 per child. Although last weeks chronicle said it was only valid til yesterday. Who knows...
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