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newbie here, let me introduce myself! Lock Rss

Im Ciehann, i've been a member of huggies for over a year and this is the first time i have used the forum.

Im 23 and i have a almost 1 year old (in two weeks) beautiful daughter, Madeline.
I live in Bruce and im keen to meet some new local people.

Hi Ciehann and welcome.

I am Tracey I have 4 children, 3 boys ages 17mths, 27mths and 14 yrs and a girl 11 yrs.

I usually try to organise a group of mums from here to meet for coffee and kids to have a play at one of the indoor playgrounds around town. Children under 1 or not walking are welcome as the centres also cater for these littlies. We try to meet monthly if not more regularly. In fact I was just about to do a post about the next meet. smile]

There are a lot of mums that pop in and out of the meets and of this community section.

Again. Welcome and hopefully we will see you at a meet soon.


currently being updated please check back later.

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