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Who's up for a meet up? This week or next?
Me me me, i'm itching for a meet up! I was having bad BH on Sunday and was under strict instructions to take it easy on Monday. When is everyone free?
Oh hope you are feeling better!! Im 30 weeks today i can tell you the BH are stronger then ever im jsut trying to take it easy but how can you with a toddler lol.

Yeah i need to have a meet up just good adult convo and children can run around and play like crazy!!

Is there a ply ground in beloconnen still like the one at kidcity or did it close down?

Yeah much better today, been getting bad BH, cramps and back pain so the midwife is a little worried about me accidently putting myself into labour.

I'm not sure, i'm planning on heading out that way this afternoon so if I remember i'll check.
the kid city in belco closed down (how sucky is that!!)

u know i will catch up with you any time you want miss sarah....all u have to do is call and your puddin' will be visiting.....and i suppose i better come too, shes a bit young to go on her own yet!
hi all. I got a thing in the post yesterday from the brand depot VIP club. On Tuesdays before 12noon VIP members get half price entry into lollipops. WOO HOO!!!

Anyone wanna meet at Lollipops brand depot on a Tuesday morning soon? You can register for the VIP club online at although the website isn't working at the moment it's usually up.
Hey all,

I was going to try and make a meet for the next week or so.

I am going to be heading to Brand Depot on Monday but just to the food court and playground there. Well to toys r us really but will go to the playground as well. So if anyone wants to meet up there for a coffee etc let me know. I would be looking at heading down for 9.30ish as the boys are sleepng in the afternoons now.

Sarah if you want to go I can throw the spare carseat in and pick you up no problem.

Wicki-d I got that one too LOL. I not sure how Tuesdays sit with everyone but it is a possiblity. Next two tuesdays out for me though.

OK hope to catch everyone soon.

currently being updated please check back later.

I won't be able to make it to Brand Depot (car issues) but if anyone wants to meet in Belco or somewhere closer to the city at any point let me know.
Someone posted this link in general so maybe Lollipops sometime next week would be the way to go.

$5.00 Kids Entry
Hi All,

Amalija and I would love to catch up with you all when we get over our colds.

Tuesdays and Thrusdays are out for us though. Wednesdays are best for us.


A meet up sounds great, let me know the details and we will try and be there!

BUMP - When and where does everyone want to meet?
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