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Next Meet - Thursday 21st of Jan, Glebe Park Lock Rss

The details for the next meet are as follows.
Date: Thursday 21st of January
Place: Glebe Park (civic)
Time: 11am?
At this stage the weather is supposed to 31 degrees so not terribly hot and there's now a sunshade over the playground to assist in preventing the kids from getting burnt. Bring your blankets and some food and we'll have a little picnic. Hope everyone can make it.
I'll be there Tash.

11am sounds good to me. Looking forward to finally meeting you in the flesh LOL!


Amalija and I will try and be there

Heidi is that okay?? We can change it if it's no good for you. Looking forward to meeting you in the flesh too Bec.
Hi Tash,

No that is fine. Amalija does not have daycare that day. We will be thre as long as she does not seep in too long smile



As there doesn't appear to be much interest / availability for this meet, do you want to change it to another week.

Im guessing people are still getting into the swing of things after the festive / holiday season.

Any takers on changing it to another day???


I'm happy to change it to a later date if we want to try to get some more people to come but I don't really mind, let me know.
Hi all,

I would very much like to meet up with you all, but can't do until after Feb 8th. I haven't been ingoring you, just didn't want to complicate matters considering that Bubs and I can't make this meeting anyway.

I will see you after the 9th.


Belinda (and Georgia)
So are we all meeting tomorrow or not??? Tash, both you and I know that we do not always get a huge response on here, but quite a few of us turn up.

Can you please let me know what is happening?

If you are still planning on coming then we may as well give it a go. It should be a nice day and the kids will have fun playing regardless of numbers. Meet near the playground at 11? If you change your mind post tonight or in the morning and i'll check before I leave.
Great. Im still happy to meet.
Keep an eye out for me ... I'll be the one with the red head two year old and the newborn LOL!

Looking forward to it.


I'll be the one with the dirty lime green P&T and 2 screaming children LOL.
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