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Looking to Meet other mums Lock Rss

HI Everyone, I am 38 and pregnant with my third child. This little man will be the first for my husband though. My other two children are from my first marriage, and are 17 and 14. Yes i know, big gap!!!, but i couldnt be happier, and love being a mum.

I have been in canberra for a year or so now, but usually just work, so outside work I have not really met too many people...

I would love to look at meeting up and meeting some other mums, and building some friendships as when i finish work in 9 weeks I will be a SAHM. I am living on the northside, in the Belconnen area.

I'm in the same situation, I have a few friends with kids but none of them live in Canberra.

I'm guessing you had your baby a few weeks ago. When you're up to getting out and about I'd be happy to meet up. My bub is 9 months old.
Hi -

I'm 35, so closer to your age if that matters. No kids so far, first time due in April next year but already thinking about how i will get out of the house and smell the roses when the time comes. If you'd like to meet up at any point (maybe next year!), let me know.
Hi, I'm 36, pregnant with my 3rd baby. My other two are almost 11 and 7. So yeah, biggish gap. Not as big as yours though. Would love to catch up - but busy with work and study. My baby is due in June next year.
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