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Due in March 2019 Lock Rss

Just posting to see if anyone else is due in March out there.
Yes, I am! So exciting. I'm also trying to find a Facebook group if you know of one too.
Nope I haven't come across a Facebook group yet.
let me know if you do.
I see your in New Zealand Cool.
I'm also trying hard to not put on weight with this bub, Maybe we can motivate each other smile
"Hi, How are you? I am certain that you are living magnificent. This is horrendous news. I can't trust you needed to experience this. You're extremely overcome for experiencing this. I recognize what it resembles, however. I had a comparative ordeal. I was somewhat fortunate. I left a great deal early. It was with a facility called Lotus. They treated me in such a shocking way! Their staff was extremely impolite. What's more, I felt so unpleasant just by being there. I'm only glad by the day's end, I didn't need to endure more. Presently, I need to impart to the general population that are confronting fruitlessness must go for those center which are prominent and have more achievement proportion. The best facilities are additionally the one which are giving great administrations. Good luck for your future life. Continuously be glad. Good luck.

is anyone having the Harmony Test, I'm getting this done in 2 weeks, and I guess I'm excited about it.
I am due in this November. I was an infertile lady of 28. It was the most horrible period of my life. It was like a curse following me all the time. But then I found The BioTexCom on the internet. I found that they are offering surrogacy and they have the highest success rate. I consulted them and visited them. Now I heard and read on many forums that they are coming near us pretty soon. I am so happy that their team will visit our town. It's really amazing to meet the person who helped you in hard times. I will go and meet them. Sending you warm wishes and best of luck. Hope you will soon be a mother. Stay healthy always.
"Hi there, I hope that you are living a happy life and are now awesome. Many people have been talking about it on different forums. It's great to see how people are opening up to such things. I have heard that many people have registered for the session. It's basically a consultation session where we can discuss our problems with them. We can ask them for advice. And they'll answer our queries. I am sure that it's going to be very useful. My sister was a surrogate at that clinic. So she knows a lot about them. She tells me that it's a really good clinic. They offer really nice packages. I would suggest everyone in a problem to go to the session. So, I will recommend on the behalf of my experience to chose the best clinics which are in high success ratio category. Wish you all infertile people a happy future life. May Godless you all. My love is also with you people.
The Harmony test is where they take enough blood to get to the Babies DNA, and they test for lots of things. I cannot wait to have mine in 2 weeks.
Hey everyone, you're so brave I'm inspired to speak up about myself. I'm from Canberra, 23 y.o. and I already have a husband. We met accidentally on a dating site and have dated for a year and a half so in the end he made a proposal. Now I'm trying to conceive because I really want to grow up a son or a daughter and I love my husband really much. This month I'm going to be fertile, so wish me luck! connecting people grin
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