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I am a 24yr old single mum of a 4yr boy and i am currently 28weeks pregnant. I would like to meet up with some other mums for a coffee and a chat or for the kids so they can play? I live in the belconnen area.
So if anyone would like to me email me on [email protected]


Ethan 19-10-01 & Lani 21-09-06

Hey there!

When i saw your post i had to say hi! I do live over on the otherside of town i'm in Tuggerenong area, which is a shame. I'm a single mum of 2 girls, 4 and 15 months. I know how hard it can be doing it on your own. xpecially with another one on the way. I'm going to post something to try and meet some other single mum's. Sometimes it's good to know your not the only one out there on your own.*smiles*
looking forward to hearing from you.
[email protected]

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