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wanting to meet new mums Lock Rss

Hi, my name is Jaime, I'm a 25yr old first time mum to Hayden (4 1/2 mths), married & live in Canberra. I would love to chat to other mums out there & make new friends. If any one would like to chat my e-mail address is [email protected]
I am not a new mum I have 2 girls one who is 3 and the other is 8 but I am happy to chat with you. I am currently mixing study with working and looking after them and controlling my husband which is like another child in the house. I think that parenting is hard enough but if there is no one to talk to about it and give support it is even harder. My email address is [email protected] if you think tat I'm the type of person you would like to talk to.

Karen, 2 girls, 1 boy and 1 due edd 23.10.07




My name is Rachel, I'm 25 and i am moving with my partner to Canberra in 8 weeks from Adelaide. I am pregnant with twin boys and due in Feb. I can't wait to get to Canberra and finally meet my obstetrician. My obstetrician here in Adelaide is wonderful and i wish i could take him and my midwife with me, but i can't!! I hope my new obstetrician is as good.. Well if you want to chat to me my email is [email protected]


Rachel, ACT, Twin boys due Feb 05

Hi Rachel,

Who is your obstetrician? I know the best one here in canberra and if you have the same one i know of ill need to give you a few pointers on how to handle him tongue Dont get me wrong though cos he is great!

Hi Kellie

My obstetrician is Dr Ellwood at Canberra Hospital. My ob here organised me to see him because he specialises in high risk pregnancies. I am not 100% sure if he is going to be the one i see because i really want to have the boys at Calvary Private if I carry them til past 34 weeks. Please let me know who your obstetrician is and where he delivers at. Any input would be most appreciated. My partner and I are just off to get our 19 week scan done. I am so excited, i love seeing what my boys are doing!! Anyhow hope to hear from you soon,

Rachel, ACT, Twin boys due Feb 05

Hi Rach,

Sorry its taken me so long to write back, ive been a bit sick.

My mother had Dr Hehir, He specialises in doing C-sections in the public sector of Calvary Hospital. But if you go in as a private patient at calvary (which i very highly recommend!) you can elect him as your obstetrician.

He is an excellent doctor. He is very strict with what happens with his patients and he may seem a little rude to begin with (but then again, mum might have just been getting him on his bad days!)
I did see him once through my pregnancy as he was on duty at the time i went in with high blood pressure. It was only a basic routine check to make sure it wasnt too high, but as it was a little higher than normal he kept me in the antenatal clinic and wouldn't let me go home until it went down!
One other thing about him is that he might get a little pushy about the way you go about things. For example - If you have been smoking during your pregnancy, you can expect to get a half an hour lecture on the dangers etc. When you get those nesting instincts and want to scrub the house clean, just make sure hubby dont mention this burst of energy at any of the appointments (unless absolutly nessesary!) or you'll be paying for a 2 hour lecture on "how to take it easy" He takes care of his patients, he doesnt let them down. He peforms his best in every situation. I would very highly recommend him.

If you need to find him, his office is in the Calvary Clinic (just across the road from emergency) You can ring the maternity ward at Calvary and they may be able to give you his number (i would love to give it to you but i dont know it!)

Goodluck, and let me know how it all goes smile

Hi Jaime,

My name is Jenn and I also live in the ACT...

I have three daughters under 5 and life can be hectic. I moved to the ACT from Melbourne... and from Newcastle before that. We moved here a week b4 my first daughters birth (she was 5 wks early due to a v bad car accident) 4 years ago and I still haven't been able to establish a network...

my email addy is [email protected]

bye for now



Hi there,

I'm Jen, 24 year old mum to Jayden, 8 months. We're in Canberra also so if any of you would like to chat my email is [email protected] smile

Jen, ACT, Mum to Jayden 8 months

My name is Mujde and I live in Canberra. I have a 33 months old son. He doesn’t go to a preschool and he does not have any friends. I would like to find a way of taking him to some places during the weekends where he can make friends and have some fun. He does not speak English, at home we only speak Turkish. The only reason I want to run around with him during the weekends is because I cannot leave him to anyone other than my parents! I know it is not reasonable but that is the reason…I want him to grow up a bit more before he goes to a preschool…can you please advise me of any activities you might think will be suitable for my son. Thank you.
hi Rachel... would love to know how you're going now that you're actually here! Did u move south or northside?

Look forward to hearing from you



Hello Mujde,

I don't know if you have read my other posts but I don't have a network here either. However, you must be really feeling isolated as your child only speaks Turkish. Have you thought about going to a park with him on a weekend? It is, admittedly, hard work to strike up a conversation with other mothers sometimes, but every effort you make can help your child. I live northside and my daughters ADORE going to the park even though they have swings in their backyard. They love the interaction with other kids and it does FORCE me to speak to other parents which I can find rather intimidating most of the time...

Hang in there... it's hard at times... but keep believing in yourself as a mother and you'll get there.



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