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Anyone due soon?? Lock Rss


just wondering if we have any Launceston mums that are due in Nov/Dec. I am booked in to have an elective c-section on the 15th Dec. I am absolutely the last person from everyone I know to have a baby, the youngest of my friends children is 5. I am hoping to meet other mothers of new babies to mingle with and swap stories with. I can be contacted at [email protected] There must be a few of us out there, everywhere I look at the moment I see 'blooming' pregnant women!!!!!

Angie, DE 15/12/05 ,TAS

Hi Angie,
I live in Legana and am due with my second bub on the 14th Feb, i already have a little 3 yr old boy, Aiden. I am 32 yrs.
I was thinking that there aren't many Tassie mums either!
You are choosing to have a C-SECTION? I would like to have one for this baby so i will know when it will come. My son was a good preg, and labour only lasted for 4 hrs 5mins so i should'nt complain. I have a private dr and am going back to St Lukes again. What about you?
I felt very comfortable with St Lukes, the staff were wonderful. But don't get me wrong LGH is fine too.
Take care
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