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Travel help from Launie airport - Lilydale please Lock Rss

Hi all,

I am coming to Tassie soon with my DS to see family but have a tight budget at the moment as it's a trip on a whim right at the moment and am use to hiring a car when I come down that way, however this time I wont be so was wondering if they have an airport shuttle or something along those lines to get to Lilydale or even to the city and then a bus from there..

It would be great if I could find some help as I'm having no luck searching on the net and trying to not open my mouth up to family as I want to do this on my own without putting anyone out iykwim. wink


there is a shuttle through Redline to the city and if you rang them they maybe able to help you in regard to getting to Lilydale. Redline: Ph: 1300360000 or You could also look in to Metro on 132201 or
If they can not help you with info on getting to Lilydale you may need to get a taxi from the city.
have a nice time here!

2010 is going to be AWESOME!!!

I use to live in lilydale and The Only Buses that usally run to Lilydale are school buses and i believe these are run by redline .
Tassie Link - sistuated in the same building (cornwall square ) as redline in the city but not the same company , do run a service through to scotsdale and surrounding areas and they may be worth a try.

A Taxi from the Airport would be more than $50 as lilydale is about 35mins from Launceston , pending on traffic through city u might be looking at an hour from the airport as there are current upgrades & construction taking place at the launceston airport .

I would try tassie link , but if by anychance you could get someone to collect you i think u might be better off .

Tassie link 1300 300 520
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