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launnie mum looking for friends Lock Rss

I know the heading sounds desperate, but I really do need to get out more!! I would love to organise a mothers group, or even just chat online.

I love my 2 girls and my hubby

Hey there i know what ya mean about getting out more i'm from tassie too and would like to meet mums for some friendly chit chat. so send us an email and who knows maybe we could catch up for a coffee some day.
Hi there!

You don't sound desperate at all! I occasionally catch up with a couple of girls from here, would be great if you could come along too! Will let you know next time we are getting together?

Anyways, I'm Jess, I have two little men Taylor (2.5) and Tobey (3 months). DP and I are both at uni studying nursing. Oooh how exciting your having another bub! Do you know what you are having?

hey how are you?
i have a little girl ebony who just turned 4 months i would love to meet up for a drink to get so bored at home!
[email protected] if you wanna add me feel free to =]
ohh yeah and my name is sharni

Hey Jess, I would love to come next time you meet!

I sort of work in the same field as nursing, I look after children with disabilites, doing personal care etc.

Our new bub is a girl, we are thinking of calling her Darcy.

I love my 2 girls and my hubby

Hey mumtoeve&bub (I didn't catch your name the other day!)

It was great to meet you the other day, your little girl is gorgeous! We'll all have to catch up again sometime...

Darcy is a beautiful name, and it goes well with Eve. We are starting to wish we didn't call DS2 Tobey as it's difficult with two T's! I'm always mixing up their names now.

I really should head off to bed, it's nearly 1am oops!

Talk soon

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