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I am need for friends to share experiences and offer advice and basically just for a good old chin wag. All of my friends are only just starting to get engaged and starting to try for a family it is hard to relate to them.

My husband and I have a 5 month old baby boy, Connor Nikolas, and I am finding it hard to let my baby go. Everyday he is trying to do new and exciting things. It is hard to accept that they grow so quickly, and change so much. You think the 40 weeks that you are pregnant goes quick, but once they are out and growing time seems to go by even quicker.

I loved being pregnant, but I love being a mother even more. I always thought that I never wanted children, finding out I was pregnant was a shock, but I would never give him back and I never take a day that my son looks up at me and smiles and says mum for granted. He is a precious like gift.

Some days are hard, when he screams non stop, but I have to remind my self that in no time at all he is going to be out of my front door and having children of his own.

Bec, TAS, 5mth baby boy

Hiya Bec!

I live in Melbourne and have a 6 1/2 month old son, Joel.
I know what you mean, most of my friends don"t
have kids,it"s hard to have a conversation without talking about my son, it makes me wonder what i did talk about before having him.
Seeing the changes in him has been fantastic,even the little things he does are like a big event and a highlight of my day!

Hope to chat soon.
Hi Bec,
I'm also a new mum to a six month old baby boy and yes I find myself prepared to talk the ears off anyone who'll listen about him. They just amaze you...and until you've had one you can't believe the love you feel. I'm in Tassie too and would be interested in having a chat. My email is [email protected], hope to hear from you..

Carina, Tas.

hi becky my name is catherine, i am from launceston tasmania. i am mum to 2 boys ryan whome is nealy 2 and alex 8 weeks old. i found it hard to let any one take ryan in casse any thing happend to him but gradualy i allowed him to be looked after by my mum, even now after a few hours alone i get ansious to get back to them.i also loved being pregnet aas i had 2 problem free ones apart from all the weight i gained! well better go my email is [email protected] if you want to chat. catherine ps love to here from other mums to

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