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large age gaps between children Lock Rss

Hi I have just recently became a mum for 2nd time on 21/11/05 to a girl. I also have another girl who is nearly 8. Wanted to chat to other mums in this situation to share stories both good and bad. Love to hear from other northern tassie mums
Hi I'm no longer living in Tas, but grew up in Devonport, 17 years there, family still there.

I have 4 children, I have a 14,12,9 and a 5month old baby.
I find that my eldest and 9 year old fuss over the baby all the time(all boys) my 12 year old girl is good with him but doesn't want alot of time with him. I believe it's an age thing with my daughter as she doesn't want alot of family time with any of us at the moment.

The boys fight over who is going to sit,kiss or hold him. This has come as a huge suprise to us.
May not be a Tassie mum but be happy to share with you

helen nth qld mum of 4

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