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Looking for good chat :o) Lock Rss

Hey there world....
I'm a stay at home mum who is feeling very lonely i moved to hobart two and half yrs ago and as much as i love it here i'm finding it hard to make friends i just want someone to chat to have a laugh with so drop by i would love to say HI smile
Hi ... Im a 26yr old mum with one little girl who is nearly 12 months ... moved to hobart from brisbane over 18months ago ... very keen to meet other mothers living in the area smile
Just letting you know that I have put a msg up on the board - as I am wanting to start a Playgroup/ Mothers Group. If you or anyone you know are interested, please let me know smile
where in hobart are u looking at starting a playgroup? i know a few mums who my be intrested so keep me posted. have a good weekend gasp)
Im on the eastern shore in lindisfarne ... however I thought that we could possibly meet in the botanical gardens or town for a little while in case there are people keen over the other side .... was going to see if there was any chance of using a child health clinic or something once a week for a playgroup ... where abouts are u ? smile hope u have a good weekend too !
hey how was your weekend? mine was the same as always gasp) the botanical gardens would be a great place to meet up now the weather is getting warmer. is there a playgroup over your way at all? I'm from the otherside of the river i'm in chigwell moved into the area about 5 months ago not to bad so far. well u have a good day chat soon
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