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Lonely mum wants to make new friends... Lock Rss


I am Tammy and mum to 7 children with my baby aged 8.5months old.
I have just recently moved house and wish to hopefully make some new friends close by.
I feel that since my marriage ended that I have lost alot of friends (maybe they werent my friends afterall!).
I am now in a loving relationship with a man older than me who is the father of my baby.
I hope to be able to chat with some of you locals soon.


mum to 7 beautiful children from Tasmania

Hi Tammy,
My name is Karolan and I am also a Lonley mum.
I am Married with a 3 year old (Alexander) and 2 step children 10 and 13(Amanda & Steven).
I live in Wynyard, Tas. and I am a stay at home mum.
My husband Shane and I get on great, but he is at work most of the time and I stay at home.
Most of my friends have their own lives now and I don't seem to get out much any more.
I would love to make new friends, so if you are any where near me Tammy I would love to catch up.
I am a bit shy now, thats what i get for staying home all the time i guess.
My email address is [email protected]
I hope you are up the N/W end of tassie.

Karolan, Wyn.Tas

Hi Tammy .. I know what you mean about lonely! I moved 6 months ago, and I found it really difficult to get out and about .. particuraly as I didn't know anyone. Most of my firends abandoned me when I found out I was prego with my 1st .. they had no interest in someone who couldn't party anymore! Anyhow .. would love to chat .. where are you from?

Fiona, Tas, mum to 3 under 3

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