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Having a bub in January and wanting to get fit afterwards. I NEED A BUDDY! Lock Rss

I'm having my second baby on January 22nd by cesarean so I will be out of action for a week or two. I put on heaps of weight when I was pregnant with bub #1 and got really slack afterwards and didn't exercise at all and feel REALLY guilty since I put on quite a lot of weight. I'm looking to change that with this pregnancy but my partner isn't very supportive when it comes to this kind of thing. I'm hoping to find an exercise buddy close by as I don't drive. I will be off work for 5 months and really want to slim down before I go back. I really want to get my weight under control and would love to have a non-judgmental friend to do this with. Preferably someone in a similar situation who will be more understanding. I live in Bridgewater, TAS so if anyone is interested message me, I would love to hear from you.
I hope you find a buddy. I am in NSW, but have been exercising with my babies for the past 3 years now. Try join a mums and bubs exercise group or yoga group if there is one on the area. I find that many times I need to just get out there and take the initiative and forget about waiting for a buddy. I have a double pram (Phil and Teds) with the bigger one at the front and the bub in the back to go running. I also have used a sling a lot and have a wee ride and bicycle seat (a contraption) to take the kids out on the bike. They both love it surprisingly. I guess it's cause we go out on adventures like seeing bunnies and down to the creek and the like when I go running and riding. I've also put them in a blow up boat and dragged them along swimming. There is exercise you can do with two small bubs.

Don't think too much about weight loss. Do it as a lifestyle change to get fit and healthy for life. The slimming down will then happen by itself. My goal is just to be fit enough to be able to do whatever I want to do.
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