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Hi folks,
I hope you don't mind me butting in on the conversation, but toilet training is something I do have a little experience with.
Girls definately start sooner than boys. Tyler was 2 and a 1/2 when he started. We did exactly what Tepe said SJ. We bought him a potty and sat it in the loungeroom where everyone normally socialises so he didn't feel left out. I definately would only try to toilet train in the warmer months, especially here in Tasmania. It is terrible for a small child to walk around with a wet nappy when its cold out. During summer you can strip them to a t-shirt and let them run around. You will have to keep a close eye on her and if she starts to go GENTLY pick her up and put her on the potty. If you grab her she will think she is doing something wrong. It is hard because no-one wants messes but I guarantee it will not last long. If you sit her on the potty to watch t.v so she feels comfortable this will help.
After a while she will recognise the potty as the right place to go. You also have to make a huge deal out of a successful potty event. Praise her heaps and give her a cuddle, make it as big a thing as possible. This will encourage her to do it in the potty to get the attention.
Tepe our second child Zac is going through exactly the same thing he always tries to take his nappy off in bed, I suggest comfy fitting pants not nighties or boxers. As far as he is concerned nappies are just an inconvenience, besides his brother uses the toilet so why shouldn't he. At least thats what he thinks anyway. He is always walking into the toilet asking to go. He doesn't have any bladder control yet though so training is out of the question. It is hard for him because he knows when he is about to go but can't stop it and when he wants to go he can't. We are trying this summer with him and if that fails then we will have to try again next summer. Hope all that was a little helpfull.
All the kids are going terrific and Cahlia is growing heaps. She had her 6 month shots today and didn't even cry, she is so tough, I was so proud of her I almost cried, needless to say the doctor was relieved aswell. The previous three kids screamed at her when she gave them their shots. Now SJ that is a job I would not like to have.

Nice chatting again.
Best of luck with the training.

3 kids under 3

Hi Guys!
First day back at work today after school holidays and boy did i miss Bella....She was fine but I was terrible! I have a day off now and then back to it on Thursday. I do enjoy it when I get there but I miss Bella so much, I am lucky that she has such a lovely carer!
How are the kids going Scott? Have you recovered from the immunisations?
I have whimped out of the toilet training issue - i've decided it is too hard to think about and I have put it in the too hard basket!! Will come back to it when I have settled back into work I think...
I had best go and rest my weary eyes and overloaded brain...after all I have an even more important job to do tomorrow - be a mum!!

Chat Soon
Happy Parenting

Sarah-Jane, Tas

Hey guys!
My name is chantelle i am from bridgewater in hobart tas and pregnant with my first! I am only 17 years old but my partner and i feel we are ready for the responsability of a child! We both do casual work all over the state but i plan on stopping while breast feeding when he comes.
I am nearly 28 weeks and although you all have children im sure you remember your pregnancies and any advice you have about the last couple of months would be handy. Also i would love to meet some young mums whom live in the hobart area my email is

take care and good luck!


Hi Guys
I can't believe there is actually other people on the message board from Tassie.
Would love to here from you, and what part of Tassie your in.
Stacey from Launceston three boys
6yrs, 4.5yrs, 3yrs another due 16/3/04
Looking forward to hearing from you

Stacey, Tas, 4 boys

Hi Stacey!!
I'm from Burnie..and if I remember correctly I think Scott and Hayley are also from Launceston? You certainly are a busy woman - 3 boys and another on the way!!! I teach so I know how busy boys you know what number 4 is?? Are you hoping for a girl? I have always said I would like 3 children, but who knows? so far Bella is keeping me busy on her own!! although I am thinking about number 2.......maybe when Bella is 2 later in the year.
Nice to hear from you...

Sarah-Jane, Tas

Hi there

I am from Mornington in the Sth of Tassie..
I am mum to 7 beautiful children aged 10,9,9,6,6,4 and 8.5mths.
Yes I am busy!! (Busy is the understatement actually)!
And YES I have 2 sets of twins!
My situation is a lil different to everyone else tho as I have share care with my 6 elder children with their dad... the baby is mine and my partners.
Anyway.. I am wanting to be able to chat with and maybe get to know some mums from around my area as I feel that I have no friends!!!
Life can get very boring when you have no-one to chat to!
Look forward to getting some replies!!


mum to 7 beautiful children from Tasmania

Hi Tammy

I myself have also just joined the forum. I am a single fulltime working mum of claremont to my daughter Paige. My goddness you must be busy, I am busy enough with 1 child (going through the terrible 2's). Look forward to exchanging stories with you.

Rachel, TAS (Paige 21/6/02)

Hi there
If you wish to email me or chat on msn you can contact me on
I am quite often on msn...

Yes I am busy but I enjoy it most of the time!

It must be hard being a single mum AND working fulltime!

I look forward to chatting soon.



mum to 7 beautiful children from Tasmania

hi my name is catherine from Launceston i am mum of 2 boys ryan hwo is 2 and a half and Alex who turns 1 on the 23 sept,
we have been trying to toilet train ryan but with no sucsess, we got him a story book that shows him all about using a potty he will sit on it or on the loo but thats it, he get of the loo flushes and then washes his hands!! at least hes got a bit of an idea, after reading what you wrote I will leave it till summer and let hium run around with out his nappy of and see how we go, i knowe i dont like sitting on the cold loo seat of a morning here in tassie!

Hi Catherine shell

I know who you feel with trying to TT. I started TT my little girl at about 20 months things were going fairly well (mainly the timingand her telling me when she needed to do no.2s) till couple of months back, she seems to have gone backwards in not telling me and refusing to sit on the potty at all. I know have to ask her and usually get no, so I don't push it. I did try pull ups put she just thought it was a nappy.
Like you I am now waiting for the weather to get warmer so she can go around in pants. I have even made up a song about sitting on the potty to encourage her to go (it usually changes everytime i sing it) she thinks that it is funny, but still won't go.
So I have decided not to stress about it and take it as it comes.
Look forward to chatting to you.

Rachel, TAS (Paige 21/6/02)

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