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stay at home mums Lock Rss

hi my name is catherine i am a 27 year old stay at home mum of ryan who is nealy 2 and alex 8 weeks. i would love to here from all mums as i am new at all this .my email is [email protected]

Hi Catherine!!!
My name is Kristin, 21 year old mother of Joseph
I'm also new at this, but i'm getting there!
What part of Tassie are you from?
Were in Hobart (Claremont)
My email address is [email protected] if you'd like to contact me sometime
I am originally from Tassie but live in Newcastle at the moment ....but seeming as we have a new addition to our family (a little gorgeous daughter 9 weeks old!) and we have decided that we want me to be a stay at home Mum we are considering moving back to Tassie to be closer to family and friends. Where abouts are you from?

Hi Catherine,
I am Kristy, 20 years old mum to Chelsy who is 2 years...

I live in Launceston, we moved here last October and i love it smile Where in Tas are you? I have lived in Tasmania all my life but have moved around a bit and decided to settle here.

my email address is [email protected] if you'd like to email me smile I will be sure to email you back.

Take care,

Kristy, Tas, Mum to Chelsy, 2 years old!

I'm also a stay at home mum, in a suburb of Hobart. I have a 7yo boy and 3yo girl, and #3 is due in May. Would love to meet other mums in my area. I have lived in this area my whole life, but as I got married young, i drifetd away from my school friends.

Shannon, TAS, #4 born Jan 13th, 2010!

Hi my name is Kerri I'm a 31yo SAHM of Liselle 9yrs,Josh 8yrs, Aaron 5yrs & Madison 7mths. We are from the Launceston area . Would love to hear from more Tassie mums I do feel a little isolated down here as all our family is in Sydney. My email is [email protected] . Cheers to everyone .........

Kerri,Tas 4kids Madison2/9/04

Hi, I'm right in the heart of Launceston. I have a 10 yr old daughter and a 7 yr old son and another on the way. It was always our plan that I would stop work when we decided to have a family and although I have worked a little part time, it has been the right decision for us. DH and I only returned to Launceston last September after 6 years in Melbourne, the opportunity to move back also prompted us to go for a third. I'm happy to be back but I miss the close contact of the mums I would see regularly in Melb. Our daughter wanted to come back so much, we regularly visited in school holidays, as the grandparents are all here.

All the best,

Kerryn, Launceston

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