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Working Mum's Lock Rss

Hi Guys

I am from Hobart and just wondering how many of you out there are working mums and find it hard to being a full time mum and holding down a full time job.

I currently have a 6 yr old and one on the way, I feel terrible when I see all these stay home mums, but I am just not cut out for that.

It is much harder too as most (hmmm I should say all apart from 1) of my friends don't have kids and therefore it just isn't the same.

I would love to be able to chat to some mums in the same situation as myself, or anyone else just to chat to.


S Brooks, Hobart

Hi Shelley
Goodluck with working fulltime. I have 3 children no 4 here in two weeks and i was working about 20 hours a week and could not have done any more. I was very lucky to have my husband home 3 days a week he works shift work so he looked after the house and kids while i was at work. I am expected back to work just a few hours a week to start with as soon as i am ready only about 6hrs a week to fill in the gaps but i don't know how i will cope yet.
So well done if you have the stamina then go for it.
I'm from Launceston by the way.

Stacey, Tas, 4 boys

Hi Shelley

I am also a full time working mum (single, since Paige was 6 months old). I returned to work when she was 10 months old. At the moment I feel like I should be home with Paige, she is seeming very needy at present, always wanting to make sure I am in the same room. I am from hobart also (claremont).
Would love to chat anytime.

Rachel, TAS (Paige 21/6/02)

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