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Hi im 20yrs olds due 15 nov from auckland,nz.
I was hoping to meet others my age maybe due round this time. All my friends have gone to uni in otago or work and I dont want to feel stuck at home all the time

Hey lisa,
I'm 21yrs from welly. I know how you feel most of my friends are actually up in auckland. If you want someone to chat to I'm free. smile

danielboy born 3/3/6

im in the exact same place im expecting in december and im 18 yrs old im kinda hating the fact that all my friends dnt have a gut but im happy with my baby boy..the only place i go is shopping believe me it may seem like a dream but after a while u cnt stand it but thats life im just hoping my baby will cum out healthy than maybe he can fill my time u still chat with ur friends??


hey lisa smile
My name's Courtney, and I'm from Auckland too....I'm 17, and expecting my first lil bundle of joy on 12th Dec. What part of Aucks are you from? Feel free to email me at Maybe we could meet up sometime, or if you just need someone to lean on. congrats on ur pregnancy btw!
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