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Second time mum with a 10 year gap between the kids Lock Rss

Hi there, I have an 11yr old son with cerebral palsy and have recently had a son to my new husband. Jack is now 13 months and is full on. I am keen to talk to parents who have had a huge gap between their children, parents with special needs children and normal children and any one else who would like to chat to me. I am a stay-at-home-mum too.
My email address is [email protected]

I live in Manukau City in Auckland,NZ and am 35. Hey did I mention, that I am also a stepmum of a 14yr old. So if there's any step parents out there too who want to chat, I'm here.


Gaye, Auckland

Hi doll, Im 33 and have 5 kids and a SAHM. G-15, B-10, G-9, B-2 3/4 and B-5 mths old. From my eldest girl to my 2 youngest boys the age gap is over 10 years. I live in Sydney, however Im originally from NZ. My sisters and brother live in Auckland also. My eldest girl is pretty good with the boys and thinks how old she is to have such young siblings. Must be typical teenage years coming through...

Well take care and chat soon.

Poly-Kiwi Roo of 5

my eldest is 8 yrs my youngest is 21 months.i am 32 yrs old from aucklands,north shore

michelle,auckland,baby brayden

Hi Im Susan. I'm hoping to meet some new friends. I'm 38 & live in Waiuku. I have a very supportive DP (33) 13 yr old DS with autism, 8yr old DD & 12 wk old DD to my new partner. 13 years between number 1 & number 3!
I'm going a bit stir-crazy in the 4 walls of my house & I've just been diagnosed with PTSD from a traumatic birth. My friends are past the babies stage of life so I hope to make some new friends of similar age/life experiences for coffees, pushchair walks, mums and bubs movies at manukau, tallking & laughing.
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