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Unhappy with hubby. Anyone in the same boat? Lock Rss

I am very unhappy with hubby. Would like to leave him but am scared to be alone with a 3 year old. Would just like to talk to someone in the same boat. I'm 38 years old. sad
Hi there am having similar probs. I'm 22 been married for going on 3 years now. We have a 2yr old & gave birth to twin boys on 14.12.05. My husband disappeared for the weekend and the only reason he is back is because I cant look after our kids by myself, which he knows and uses. Was doing really well after the birth of our twins, but since this happened have crashed and can feel myself losing my mind! HELP!!

Mummy to Lucas 11.10.03, Josiah & William 14.12.05

Hi doll

Im actually living Sydney, but originally from NZ. I hope everything is well with you since your last post last year. I truely understand how your feeling. Married life is a full time job in itself besides being a SAHM with a child/ren!!

I left hubby when I was 28 married for 8 years with 3 kids. We were separated for over a year and a half. We as mothers always think to ourselves we wont make it by being alone with a child/ren. I too thought that way, but was wrong. Yes financially it got abit tight, but I decided to leave my full time job and go on DPB to be their for my kids. Although I didnt have the comfort of my hubby around anymore, I still had my kids. I went to see a counsellor, however I found alot of comfort and strength through my sisters, close friends and work colleagues and more so church. During the separation yes it was very hard, emotionally and physically, but I must say it was what I needed to find myself and my love for him all over again.

It all boiled down to "communication" talking with him. I know even talking is hard enough to conjure, when your feeling the way you are, but its the best thing anyone can do in their marriage. Have faith and believe in yourself doll. Only you know if your marriage is worth saving and to what lengths you are willing to go through to make it happen.

We are back together now with 2 little extras in tow. Marriage is never easy, but I hope and pray you will find happiness and love again if not to your husband then to someone special who is out their waiting for you.

Best of luck, God Bless:)

Poly-Kiwi Roo of 5

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