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Anyone 4 Coffee?? Lock Rss


I have a 15 week old lovely baby boy - Zac ~ and we live in the Lynfield area.
I'm looking to get to know other mothers & would also be keen to form a mothers group for coffee & chats.......
I'd love to hear from anyone else from around this area interested in a chat and forming a mothers group?? -

I'm Emma and I live in Mt Albert which is not too far from Lynfield. I have 2 girls, Maya who is 14 mths, and Mona-lisa who is 11. I would love to get together for a chat. Would have to be Mon, TUes or Wed afternoon, as Maya is in daycare Mon am, Thurs and FRi, and we go to playcenter TUes, Wed

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

Hi Emma,

Thanks for your reply. I am hoping to hear from some more replies to organise a get-together (with the posibility of starting a small mothers group). I've just recently joined this website and am still learning my way around! - What is the NZ response like? - so far there seems like there are a lot of Australian members but few NZ'ers???

I'm sure Mona-lisa must love having a younger sister to play with! - My husband is already hinting towards a sibling for Zac to play with!
Mona was a bit disappointed when I first brought Maya home coz she was 'boring' but now that Maya is chattering away and walking etc. she is much more interesting and the girls get on great. We did have a few jealousy issues, but mostly before Maya was born, when we bought the new cot, pram etc.
There doesn't seem to be a great number of kiwis on here. Have you seen the discussion boards at, there's some quite good NZ stuff on there

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

hi gals smile

my name is sarah, and i live in st.johns/remuera...i would love to go to a coffee group, it would be great to meet new people...i dont know that many in auckland. wednesdays i cant becos i take thomas to starship every wednesday to get new casts (he has club feet)..i also dont have a car and travel everywhere by bus sad
my email and msn is [email protected], feel free to contact me

sarah (20), damian (20), thomas (5wks) Auckland NZ

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