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2nd pregnancy Rss

This is my second pregnancy i have a 3 year old and am 17weeks pregnant and have found out im haivng twins. Anyone out there carrying twins or had twins as i need some help as this is scary stuff.

Karina,NZ, carrying twins

Hi Karina im Jessica i have got twin boys Mitchell and Jack they are 3 mths old.I live in Queensland and all of my family live in S.A. I dont know anybody here so my husband and i have had to do this on our own.This is my first pregnancy so i was thrown in the deep end as i had know idea what mother hood would be like.For the first couple of weeks i really struggled as my husband had to go back to work and i was left at home by myself.It is really full on having twins it changes your life completely, sometimes i think for the worst but its definatly for the best now.If you have any questions please ask me i would be happy to help.

good luck
Jessica and twins.

jessica,Adelaide S.A twin boys born 05

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