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North Shore Mums- Any second timers? Lock Rss

Hello, my name is Christine

I have two kiddies (my daughter is 4 years old and son is 5 months old).

I am really wanting to meet some mums, especially those with more than one child, although I am keen to meet anybody.

It will be great to make some new friendships : )
I am 26 years old and I am a RN. I am married too.

Anybody interested can emial me on or reply

Thanks x

Hi Christine

I'm 27 and due in October. It will be my first child so don't really meet the specs you stated smile

I'm new in New Zealand, been here since January and have found it difficult to meet people considering I fell pregnant when I first arrived and went through all the nausea and tiredness that goes along with the first trimester. I'm doing better now though. I was hoping to meet people through my antenatal classes but worry that everyone will be much older than I am as having children older seems to be the trend these days. Not that I don't want to meet older people. It would just be nice to meet mothers my age.

First time mom - due 28/10/2006

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