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I have been keen on studying midwifery for years and even more so now that Ive recently had a bub myself. I am currently living in Auckland. I have looked endless online, filled application after application, made phone calls to unis, all with no success.

Any midwives or midwives to be out there, where did you study, what did you study etc??
I'm in oz and starting my path to a career in midwifery on Monday!!!! Haven't studied in years! I have to do an open foundations course 12months part-time (my current education and qualifications aren't enough to get me directly into uni) then 3years full time on campus midwifery, all through Newcastle Uni. Sorry I can't help you with anything in nz, hope you manage to work it all out!
I plan on starting to study midwifery in a few years. I'm just waiting until DS and hopefully another LO in the future will be old enough. I live in Palmerston North, but sadly Massey here has disbanded their midwifery course, so I will be studying by correspondence through either AUT or Otago Polytechnic. I had a student midwife follow me through my pregnancy, birth and aftercare of DS. She was studying though Otago poly. Where have you applied and why the no success? If you don't have the required uni entrance or appropriate NCEA subject credits, I know theres a one year health certificate you can do through Otago polytechnic or other institutes like UCOL here in Palmy to make up for those.
Thanks for the replies, I am in the same situation that I do not have enough qualifications so I have to do a foundation course also. However I have know idea what course this is. I have rang the only uni in Auckland that enables you to study 'MIDWIFERY' and the only answer that I got was for me to go to another uni and start 'NURSING' which is a pathway into Midwifery, which I don't understand because I DO NOT want to become a nurse.

Now I am having to look at other options such as leaving Auckland and moving to another city just for me to study, so much hassle when all I am trying to do is better myself and my son.

It is really a pain.

Good luck and all the best with your guys future studies : )
Hi, if you are in auckland you can study midwifery through AUT. I was enrolled there last year. I didn't have enough qualifications either, so I also did a foundation course through AUT. You can do the foundation course to gain entry into the bachelor of health science (standard pathway) programme and do the first 4 papers that all health students have to take including midwifery students, then apply to transfer to the bachelor of health science (midwifery) programme.

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