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Fun family WANTED (West Harbour) Lock Rss

This is a 'wanted' ad with a bit of a twist....

We are a young family that live in West Harbour and are on the hunt for some new friends who also have children.

A bit about us........ Joe (dad) who will be the big 30 this Saturday works in the finance/automotive industry, Chanelle (mum) 31 is a real estate agent, Lacey 4yrs old and goes to afternoon Kindy and Wyatt 2.5yrs has nearly mastered his potty training apprenticeship.

We would love to find another down-to-earth family who would love to hang out with us for the occasional BBQ or weekend outing. We have work colleagues and friends without kids that kinda just don't understand that restaurant meals and 'Friday drinks' is just too hard now days. So if your keen to bring your lil ones + a bottle of wine and hang out while we cook an easy dinner, we'd live to hear from you

[email protected]
That's such a great post!! I'd love to to do something similar- it is hard to meet other families to do that kind of stuff with smile I'm in aus but I wish you luck!

Thanks TallulahBelle smile
wow we would LOVE to be your friends!! I know exactly how you feel, none of our friends have kids yet, so we kinda hang out on our own, because we don't believe in taking our child to the pub!! Unfortunately, we live in the Waikato, so its a big far to drive for a BBQ! Good luck thou - awesome idea!
Thanks D.n.A - that sounds good, are you on facebook?

I completely understand how you feel,
Although technically 'a young mum', My partner and I never really slotted into the young parent circles for that exact reason, We have a child and I personally anyway was never really someone who was interested in what most my age were in regards to going out to drink and party. All that having a child did for me was really emphasis and finalize that. None of my close friends have children nor do most in my family, particularly younger children so It's always been a struggle. The amount of times we will be invited out but on the premise we leave Elissa at home is often a little heart breaking but I know it's just a matter of lack of experience and lack of understanding, if anyone happens to be reading this and can relate then I would definitely love it if you wanted to get in touch.

I am 22 with a Three and a Half year old daughter, I just spent the last year caring for my grandmother who was dying of terminal cancer, what little friends interested in spending time with My partner, myself and my daughter was essentially lost entirely over that period as I couldn't dedicate the time I normally would to maintaining those relationships. I am a trained florist and freelance photographer/graphic designer, I have not worked full time since having my daughter and until recently moving was working part time managing a local radio station and also hosting an evening show. Up until a few months ago I have always lived on the North Shore, my daughter went to kidney there and had her own friends but recently we moved to Te Atatu South (West Auckland) and as such due to timing I have not been able to enroll my daughter in any Pre-Schooling as it is so late in the year. We don't know anyone out here and would love to get to know some new people with Children to simply Have a BBQ, Dinner or a Picnic/Outing with on the weekends especially for Elissa who is missing the interaction with the kids from her Shore school!
My partner is 22 also and a Network Engineer for one of the country's top Technology companies, Managing Sites. He leads a very work intensive life and as such that is another factor as his career and position means he has been unable to really take the time to meet people through the working environment either.

Well this is all sounding a bit like the personals section in the herald now but just thought I would add my two cents!

Thought this was a great idea and I know from personal experience it is often a bit of a scary notion putting the call out so to speak!

Best of luck to anyone in the same or similar situation and hope all you and your families are well smile
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