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Huggies mums meet-up - Auckland....?! Lock Rss

Is there another plan for bad weather since the weather report for tomorrow is supposed to be thunderstorms..? (still havent heard back about the meeting) And someone will need to tell me directions as well if i can come because i know how to get there but no idea what to do once im in the park lol!

If the weather is bad, we could go to The Parenting Place? It's also in Greenlane, so close by. Or we can meet up at MacDonalds! Haha!

I was thinking about the BBQ area as you come in, a little further along near the band rotunda. Is that the right one?

I'll be in Greenlane by 8am, so I'll post on this thread what the weather is like out that way smile
The Parenting Place has a coffee shop and a lounge area where our kidlets can play.

Mostly sunny out Greenlane way!
Shall we give the park a try?? I've looked on the metservice website and it says there might be showers, but I don't think anyone can accurately predict the weather, especially in Auckland!

Sorry girls, was going to come as the meeting was postphoned but had a crap night last night so i dont really feel like dragging myself out with humungous bags under my will be a pj day!! Ill come to the next one,have fun smile

Im sorry to hear youre having crap nights to (but secretly im glad im not the only one haha). I worked so hard to get ds sleeping better and it worked but i got used to the extra sleep and now a bad night has totally thrown me lol!

Oh no Stikkibikki! Sorry you're not going to make it.
You're definitely not the only one having crappy nights. We've had hardly any sleep in weeks.

I will be a bit late, girls! DS is still sleeping smile

It was lovely to meet you too smile
Hopefully we can all have another catch up soon. It would be great if some more Auckland mums could join us next time!

I shouldve just sucked it up and came lol. Ds had a good nap which immediately improved my mood lol. Will come to the next one!! And maybe all the others that had said they would come to at the beginning might come to the next one?! Did you guys have good weather for it?

Did you guys get any pics from your meet up???!!!
Supermummy wrote:
I have a couple of the kids, more so because DS asked for some of the birds and then I tried to get some of him and My2QTpies boy wanted to join in. Lol. But no, dont have any with all of us in sorry!

Booo!! Not good enough!! laugh
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