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West auckland mummy and bub coffee group or just general chat? Lock Rss

Hi, i'm a 29 yr old first time mum who has a very new 2 week old little man. I would really like to know if their are any other groups i could join or if anyone is in a similar situation to me and would like to have someone else to just chat with and swap ideas or have a debrief. It would be nice to meet some new people.
There is a face book group, west auckland coffee group ? I'm not sure, we were going to this untill we moved away, and the ladies were wonderful and friendly!

You could try looking on the west auckland parents centre facebook page
Hi, I run the West Auckland Plunket Coffee group. 11 am Mondays @ the West Auckland Plunket Family Centre. 5 Woodford Ave Henderson.
This group is aimed at babies under 1 years old.
Everyones welcome to come along and the group is quite small at present.
Hi where abouts in west auckland are you? there are some really good playgroups in the area which I personally found better than coffee groups.
Hi there, i would be interested in a playgroup or get together ????. I have a 4 year old who goes to kindy (mondays off) and a 5 month old baby. We live in Glendene
Hello everyone,I have been trying to join a coffee group since a while now,my bub is 5 month old and would like to get in touch with other mommies,am very keen to meet and make new friends as my old friends seemed to have drifted away since I've had a bub.Please I would appreciate if anyone can give me information as to which coffee group or playgroups I can join,it would be nice to have some friends.
Hi there, im 30, first time mum with a 7 month old son. We live in Te Atatu Peninsula and have been here about a month. Im really keen to find a coffee group and meet some new friends and other mums. Are there any groups around or anyone keen to start one? Thanks
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