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Hi there, my husband and I are wanting to find out a bit more on surrogacy in New Zealand. If you have done surrogacy or know someone who has done surrogacy in New Zealand, we would love to hear about your journey. As we are looking for a surrogate mum to help us complete or family:-)
Hi Kegan, sorry I can't help much, check on eggdonationfriends. Mark surrogacy as other services (right side) Hope it helps


We have been thinking about it with my husband for the last 5 years and still it is so scary and risky. I just can't think of a woman who can just sell a baby even if today surrogacy is so popular all over the world...Opinions?
Hey there. I hope everything is well. I would like to suggest you the clinic i went for surrogacy. It is amazing and affordable. The name of the clinic is Biotexcom. I urge you to look up this clinic. I also urge you to attend their upcoming event. At that event you will be able to meet and greet with their experts. Their events are very informative and very well organized. It would be a shame to miss such an event. I went to their previous one and came out as a very different person. Then i went to their clinic for treatment. Now im a mother of a beautiful and healthy boy.
Hey there. It is nice to see you finding a solution to infertility. Though I do not know of any clinics in New Zealand, there a number of forums you can get help on.
I personally am planning to go for surrogacy myself. Though we have selected a clinic in Ukraine. It would be easier for us, as a friend had a baby there. So she is the guiding force for us. Best of luck to you.
Hey Keghan, how are you? Hope you are doing well. I am happy for you. Surrogacy is a miracle. It helps infertile couples to have babies. Bio_Tex_Com is the best option for surrogacy. It is famous for its infertility treatment. I also opt surrogacy from there last year. Staff is friendly and trained. They took good care of me and the surrogate. They are organizing and event related to infertility causes and treatments. There will be also an open question answer session. It is a golden chance for you to discuss your issues with the best team. You can also sign contract on the spot if you want. They are also bringing their English department team for better communication. Good luck
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