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Second time mother at "21" Lock Rss

Hi all, I'm a young mother at 21 and loving it, I would love to hear from any mothers who are interested in sharing whatever they know on bringing up kids, and just someone to chat to!!

Kristy, NZ, 18 & 5 mth baby girls

Hi there,
My name is Zandy and I am 19 yrs old. I have a nearly 2 yr old daughter and a 4mnth old baby boy. I study law part time and work as a receptionist for a large IT company part time as well.
If you would like to chat post a reply.

From Zandy
hey guys.

How are you? Im 20 yrs old and have a 3yr old boy and am also pregnant again with another boy due CHRISTMAS DAY! I was workin at a daycare centre but am on maternity leave at the moment.
I also would love to chat!
hi ya Im a new mum to a beautiful baby boy 11 weeks old. Id love to chat to other mums. my email is
Hi there,

I am also a mother of 2 at the tender age of 19. I love it though despite the stares and comments. And I love my boys, Devron born 25wks, aged 18mths and Jayden 14wks.


Devron born 25wks 2002, Jayden 38wks 2003 & Manaia

hi i had my first at 18 years then my second at 20 in the uk we moved over to nz to find a new life and i fell pregant as we sold are house in the uk so i had my baby over hear he is now 9 weeks old
i love evry think about being a young mum i think you are closer to your kids it can be very hard at times i have 3 under 5 when you are feading the baby and the 3 year old wake's up with a nightmair and only wonts mommy!! you know what i mean
but i would not change it for the world

mother of 3

hi guys, thort i would revive the old thread!!
im 17 and have a 10week old baby boy. would love to chat with other mums!! my msn/e-mail is
hope to hear from some of you soon!!
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