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Wow I love the names. Where did Devron come from? You must be busy I only have one and I'm worn out! Liam is going to be very active also. He is crawling and trying to walk. I thought it'd be so much easier once he crawling as then he would follow me from room to room while I clean, etc, but he moves very fast and always in the opposite direction! I'm currently weaning him to the bottle and seems to be affecting my mood more than I thought it would! I get my first chance on Friday to go out by myself for a break! I can't wait! Though not sure what I'll do with myself. What are your hobbies? If you have a chance do do them!

Liams Mum,NZ,14mth boy

Hi again,

Devron isn't the name we had planned for him, but when he was born he looked like a Devron - does that sound strange??? Anyway my partner came up with it.

Funny how we think that once there mobile it'll be easier! You just wait till hes running around. Then you'll be in trouble.

By the sounds of your post you are breastfeeding Liam. Hey I'm all for breastfeeding, man I still breastfeed my 20mth old. But I do wish I'd weaned him. So I hope you got to enjoy your Friday night and your breast didn't

Till later

Devron born 25wks 2002, Jayden 38wks 2003 & Manaia

Hi Angel75 and Liam's mum

How are you both going? My name is Liz - I posted right back at the start of this thread, my twin boys are nearly 16 months old now (my first post they were nearly 3months!). How did your day off go? I had a whole day from 8.30am until 9.30pm with out my boys - it was great. I came home at about 6pm to give them a feed (boobs were getting a bit big and sore) but that was it - its strange being without them for so long!

If you want to email me you can -
The day off was great! Of course it was only about 5 hours, but well worth it. I went shopping and on the way to town (as we live an hour away) I kept glancing back into the back seat to see if Liam had gone to sleep! Then when I was shopping I was rushing around as I usually do when I suddenly thought hang on a moment I can take my time! So once I relaxed i had lots of fun. It was so cute when I got home, my little boy was standing at the window and when he saw me his bottom lip dropped and he held out his arms for me! Sad thing is I REALLY enjoyed the break! Don't get me wrong I love my boy but 8 months with no time for myself I made the most of it!
What are your boys names Kica? You must be worn out with two! My boy is a real speed demon, crawling and trying to walk at 8 months, he never sits still, he wears me out!

Liams Mum,NZ,14mth boy

Hi myname is Johnny and I have a 2 yr old son. I had him when I was 22 yrs old, he was born on the 25/08/03. His name is Marama Malakhy John Tearaura, he is very active and enjoys his time playing with his cousins and the next doors neighbours kid. During the year 2003 alot of mothers were name there boy's Malachi but spell it in many different ways aswel. I also no the it is from the hebrew bible but forgot the actual meaning of the name. would you be able to tell me the meaning of the name thats only if you know what it means.

Many thanx
Johnny & Marama Malakhy John
hi im 21 and the mum of 9mth old ethan would love to chat sometime my addy is


hey i am 20 frm tauranga wif a 8 month old son ashtyn. i would like 2 talk 2 other young mums

Amber, nz, 8mth baby

hi my name chantelle and im 18 and from the hawkes bay still pregnant but would love to chat sometime
how old r u?
hi im sarah im 21 with a 13mth old boy, blair. i have had 2children i 2 years. has any 1 had this experence, as a young person.


im 18
heya im christie, im 19 and have an 8 and a half month old son named Riley grin i hav jst moved to auckland and dnt have much friends up here so wud luv to meet some new people especially ones with kids/babies so add me if u like and i have bebo my username is either ustalavista or peowpeow lol p.s i live in west auckland

cyo xoxoxoxox

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